Country Update: - Kuwait

Offshore Quality Medical tourism is participating at Medical tourism event Organized by the Indian embassy in Kuwait on 11thJune.

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Medical Payment

Once you have received your hospital quote and have taken your decision to travel to India to undergo the treatment and procedure, Offshore Quality Medical Tourism will be pleased to provide you and your family or friends all the necessary hotel, transportation and incremental nursing and health care needs you may need to support your medical tourism visit to India.

Offshore Quality Medical Tourism offers al the below medical and tourism reservation services:

Hotel or Guest House Accommodation
Transportation & Drivers (Small, Medium & large people mover vehicles)
Incremental (Nursing & health care staff for client recuperation period at hotels or guest houses.)
Total Payment Due
After receiving your full quote from Offshore Quality Medical Tourism for all the above Hotel, transport and incremental services,
please enter the total amount into the above total payment due box for processing.