Country Update: - Kuwait

Offshore Quality Medical tourism is participating at Medical tourism event Organized by the Indian embassy in Kuwait on 11thJune.

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ENT care and treatments are provided in India on a massive scale. Ear, Nose and Throat care and treatments are provided by a selection of our speciality partner hospitals and their teams of well experienced doctors. The services are provided with the latest equipments for specialized ENT care and treatment.


ENT Treatments and Surgery provided:

Cochlear Implant

For severely deaf adults and children

Sinus Endoscopy

Nasal and sinus endoscopy diseases in the pituitary, Aesop and orbit for endoscopic procedures

Pediatric Motrin

Early detection of deafness management of subplot and tracheal steno sis

Diagnostic Facilities:

  • Complete audiometric set-up
  • Electroencephalography testing
  • Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometer (BSERA) and Atonalistic Emission (OAE)
  • Facial nerve monitoring
  • Speech therapy facilities
  • Acoustic Imminence Studies including
    • Tympana
    • Stamped reflex
    • Reflex decay
    • Eustachian tube function tests (ETF1 & ETF2)

Special Tests of Hearing:

  • SISI
  • Tine Decay Threshold
  • STAT
  • DLI
  • DLF
  • ABLB
  • MLB
  • MLD
  • MCL
  • UCL Loudness Scaling

ENT Surgeries:

  • Reconstructive middle ear surgery
  • Surgery of the facial nerve
  • Congenital ear anomalies
  • Micro laryngeal surgery
  • Surgery for snoring and sleep apnea
  • Thermoplastic
  • Septuplets and stentorian
  • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Head and neck cancer surgeries
  • Revision ear surgeries
  • Laser surgeries for several head and neck lesions