Country Update: - Kuwait

Offshore Quality Medical tourism is participating at Medical tourism event Organized by the Indian embassy in Kuwait on 11thJune.

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Offshore Quality Medical Tourism to India


Understanding the Benefits and Importance of the option to travel overseas to have your surgical treatments.

Offshore Quality Medical Tourism in India is being offered by a reputed and trusted hospitality and marketing company TVB Group International. TVB has operated in India since 1993 and is recognized both internationally and in India as a major hospitality marketing company. 

Offshore Quality Medical Tourism in India 


Where the entire world travels for the best in Health Care

Medical Tourism to India is one of the best options available to people across the globe. Millions come every year to get treated and then enjoy their recuperation in a range of luxury hotels or comfortable guest lodges across India. People from different walks of life cut across the entire span of the globe who come to India to have their treatments done with a peace of mind. India provides world class medical facilities with hospitals and specialized multi-specialty health centres providing their expertise in the areas of Cosmetic Surgery, Heart Surgeries, Coronary Bypass, Heart Check-up, Valve replacements, Knee Replacements, Eye surgeries, Indian traditional treatments like Ayurvedic Therapies and much more which practically covers every aspect of medicine combining modern treatments with traditional experience.


For clients who have been let down by their HMO or PPO health insurance companies or clients without health insurance at all, Offshore Quality Medical Tourism provides an affordable solution with treatments and surgery ranging from at least a 20% to 80% of the cost in the U.S., Europe or other developed countries without any reduction of quality healthcare.


Worldwide Experience


Not only do our Indian private hospitals provide world class facilities, but also world class surgical teams. In most cases the heads of each of the specialized surgical teams have all trained and worked overseas for extended periods of time in the USA, Western Europe and Australia and in many cases are registered to practice both in these overseas countries and India.